Although many homeowners are aware of the need to maintain their roof most tend to neglect this aspect of homeownership. Lack of roof maintenance is probably a roof’s worst enemy. Many roof problems start out as minor, such as the need to remove overhanging tree limbs or cleaning backed up gutters. But when not corrected these problems can create serious damage. Routine inspection and maintenance can extend the life of your roof and that can save you a lot of money. The following are the common roof problems with their respective solutions.

  1. Ponding Water

This is one of the least noticed roof problems because it is only when it is at its worst stage that a homeowner will notice it. The name of this roof situation is self-explanatory. Ponding water means that water is unwantedly collected on the roof due to blocked gutters. When this happens, overflowing water is least of the troubles ponding water can create.

Stagnant water gives way to pest development which may subject the homeowners to mosquito nesting among other issues. Since this is not obvious as compared to other roof problems, there is a need to regularly have the roof as well as the condition of the gutters checked.

  1. Roof Leaks

Leaks are the most common and the most damaging roof problems encountered by a homeowner. These are commonly caused by holes on the roof, bad construction or roof design and a calamity of other issues. Roof leaks may further damage the house by being one of the root causes of ceiling stains and structural problems.

Furthermore, roof leaks can weaken the house structure and generally ruin the face value of the house. One possible solution is sealing the hole or patching a section of the roof on your own. But even a roof patch is something better handled by a professional. In addition, a worse situation may call for an entire roof replacement, best to leave that to the roofing pros at Peak Roofing and Siding.

  1. Billowing and Blow offs

Similar to the cause of roof leaks, billowing and blow offs are primarily the result of poor roof installation accompanied by a bad weather condition. This roof problem is most prevalent in one ply or one layered roofs which are susceptible to being blown off during storms or an extremely windy day. Flashing that has been attached poorly can also be the cause of open laps and seams that can ultimately lead to parts of the roofing actually blowing off. The solution for this roof issue is usually the installation of a new roof. Since this remedy would be costly for the owners, they may should always consult a professional before making this decision.

  1. Punctures

Punctures or holes in roof systems of a house can be caused by the following reasons: wind and hail damage, debris carried by the wind or even loose roof fasteners. Punctures and holes may be remedied by the sealing of small holes or a complete replacement of the current roof. It is recommended that you seek professional advice if you have these serious issues with your roof.