The roof has always been a very integral part of any home. It provides more than just aesthetics to a modern structure; it helps keep everything and everyone inside the home safe. Unfortunately, no matter how much we plan roof repairs in the most ideal conditions, there will always be instances when we need to hire a professional to help us in not so ideal conditions. This is often necessary in emergency situations or even in the dead of winter. The latter is especially challenging as you’re actually faced with the full wrath of Mother Nature. That’s why it is often needed to hire a roofing company in the winter.

Before you can call a roofing expert to come investigate your problems and help you solve it, it is especially important to learn about some fundamental things about winter roofing so you will be guided accordingly in making the right decision. The following should always be considered in your decision to hire a roofing company especially for the icy cold months.

  • The installation of roof shingles is best accomplished if the environmental temperatures are well above 40oF. Anything lower than this can lead to cracking and damaging of the individual shingles. As such, it is imperative to look for a companythat has an excellent reputation for the careful handling of these shingles in low temperatures. You’ll need experts who adhere to best practices of winter roofing to give you the best possible outcomes.
  • It usually takes time for winter roofing to be completed. This is because the crew of a roofing company will typically have to wait for the environmental temperatures to be well above freezing before they can complete any sealing process.
  • If you are considering using metal roofing materials, know that these are subject to variations in environmental temperatures as well. Typically, metal contracts with freezing conditions. Once it is installed and the temperature warms up, the metal roofing expands and can warp, giving it an unsightly appearance. To help avoid this issue, a roofing company will generally have to delay the installation of these types of roofing materials until the temperature is above freezing.
  • Part of deciding which roofing expertto hire in the winter is their availability and their commitment to properly undertake a winter project. They should be able to give you an estimate of the cost and the timeframe it will take to complete the project including an overview of what you can expect. If they cannot provide you with an estimate, then look for another.

Peak Roofing & Siding is a roofing company will be honest with you right from the start. We know that roof installations are possible even in the winter, provided the environmental conditions allow for it. If the company guarantees you that they can get the job done regardless of the environmental conditions, it is often a sign that they don’t really understand what winter roofing is all about. You’ll be better off with a company that does.