Gutters are some of the most important components of any roofing system. These function to channel water and debris from the roof to the downspout where these can be effectively managed. Unfortunately, during the winter, gutters can be exposed to a variety of problems that can significantly undermine the integrity of your entire roof. Here, we are going to look at the different winter issues that can affect this essential component of our roof before we look at things on how these can be prevented.

Causes of Damage to a Gutter in the Winter

There are two very common causes why gutters can be damaged during the winter. These are ice buildups and ice dams.

  • Ice buildups can produce two inherent problems for any gutter system. First, it can obstruct the efficient drainage of rainwater leading to dribbling over the edge of the gutter. Secondly, the weight of the ice building up can weaken the structure of the gutters which, over time, can lead to collapse which can call for very expensive repairs.
  • Ice dams occur when the snow that has accumulated on the roof begins to melt. This can lead to water damage to the interior structure of the roof if there are leaks. Or it can also trickle down into the gutters where it can solidify and turn into an ice dam, blocking effective drainage and damaging the integrity of the gutter system.

How These Can be Avoided

There are many ways you can ensure the integrity of your gutters during the winter. Preventing ice buildups and dams are a great start.

Ice buildups and ice dams are highly preventable issues of gutter systems. You can follow the following tips to help make sure your gutters don’t get damaged because of these winter issues.

  • Even before winter sets in and snow starts, it is always advisable to clean your gutter system of any debris as this can get in the way of a more efficient flow of drainage. As you may already know, ice dams are mostly brought about by debris in the gutters.
  • It is also imperative to have a professional check your roof for loose shingles. Make sure they are securely fastened and have retained their full integrity. Otherwise, you are simply inviting moisture inside the structure of your roof.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a roof rake at home. This can help remove snow that’s slowly collecting on your roof. Just be careful though as you can damage your gutters if you happen to hit it with your rake.
  • While installing rooftop heating cables can be quite a significant investment, these are very effective technologies that can help prevent ice buildups that can undermine the integrity of your roof and your gutters.
  • Having a professional roof repair and maintenance company help you perform a more complete assessment of your roofing system and gutters is always a good idea. Call Peak Roofing & Siding to have a FREE comprehensive inspection of your roof, you might be amazed at what you may find out.