Keeping the integrity of your roof is a fundamental requirement to ensuring the structural soundness of your property. Unfortunately, age, environmental factors, and general neglect can hasten the decay of a properly functioning roofing system requiring it be replaced at once. Here are the top signs you need a new roof.

  • Beams of light from the outside. 

This is an almost sure sign that you have holes or cracks on your roof. If light can shine through your roof, it is not at all difficult to see why moisture cannot. This could be a very serious problem that needs to be looked at by a professional to see if a new roof is needed.

  • Dark trails or spots. 

There is only one reason why you would see dark spots or even stains in your roof: the build-up of moisture which has facilitated the growth of mold or algae. If this is not addressed immediately, you are essentially risking the health of your entire household.  This is a sure sign a new roof may be needed.

  • Signs of water damage. 

Any sign of leaks or water damage should be taken as a sign of problems in the roof. The source of the water damage must be identified at once and the damage be remediated to prevent the worsening of the problem.

  • Sagging areas. 

One of the easiest ways you can tell you need a new roof is when a section of it is already deformed, sagging, or warped. This puts into question the overall structural integrity of your roof and thus, must be addressed immediately.

  • Increased shedding of shingle granules. 

Roofing shingles age with time and with it they begin to degrade or completely crack and break. If you see and increasing number of granules being shed from your roof shingles, this is often an indication that roof replacement is in order. To prevent further damage cracked and broken shingles need to be replaced immediately.

  • Signs of wear. 

Other integral components of the roof can show signs of increasing age often seen as excessive wear. This often occurs in areas where components meet or join such as the roofing vents and chimney. For more information, please visit roofing vents and chimney flashing.

  • Issues in the drainage system.

Integral parts of a roof are the gutters and downspouts. If these are compromised, then the integrity of the entire roof is also affected.

These are all excellent indicators of a problem in your roofing system. You can take them as signs that you now need a new roof.

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